Minimalism – my style


I am on the path to a minimalist lifestyle and whilst I will be inspired by others on their path and I may adopt some of their methods and share their blogs/pictures/posts – the biggest challenge for me is to make it suit MY life.

When I share MY story, it is exactly that. Mine. It may not be what others define as minimalist, it may not suit you. I will not criticise other’s choices. I will not judge them. If anyone feels MY “stuff” doesn’t suit them then my advice is simple – share your own story.

Having said that …
Here goes.

February 14th 2015

For my minimalist life I do not want to dispose of everything – just those things I don’t really need in my life.

What I do want is simple:
• De-clutter
• Re-use, recycle, upcycle
• Less waste
• Less “stuff”
• Smaller carbon footprint

The environmental aspect is important to me. I want to do less harm to the planet. What that means is I will buy second hand, I will donate what I don’t need that may be used by others, I will buy Eco-friendly. My food choices follow this theme. I am vegetarian. I buy organic and locally grown as much as possible.

Over this weekend I am cleaning my closet and my kitchen and will be getting rid of many things. I will share my experiences as I go.